At MDI Advisers we carry out an exhaustive follow-up and evaluate the correct performance of multicentre studies for the health technology industry. This assessment is carried out thanks to a specialist team that is responsible for checking the effectiveness of the product.


The studies are carried out in more than one institution under a single direction and with the same protocol. The objective is to determine whether or not what is being tested is effective. The coordinating staff or the study management will be in charge of processing all the data obtained and analysing the results.


Multicentre studies have an accuracy necessary to prove the effectiveness of the study object, but can also open up a new set of questions that will be very useful for the development of the study and its conclusions.


We are specialists in conducting multicentre studies and are able to publish the results of these studies in a wide variety of specialized magazines.


Our key to achieving successful results is a combination of the training and the long professional careers of the team in collaboration with the people and companies we work with.

Always constantly growing.

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