At MDI Advisers we have a lot of professional career experience that supports us, with an expert professional team in the field and in the medical-health industry sector. Our work is focused on carrying out a study that allows us to prepare a detailed report of the possible volume of business for the product or line of products that our customers provide us.


Contribution of opinions of the KOLs

One of our differentiating aspects is what we call “KOL study”. All the evaluation reports delivered to the entities and companies that acquire our services, unlike other market studies carried out by other companies, have a section for evaluating the KOLs.


What are KOLs?

The KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) or what is commonly known as opinion leaders are expert personnel from the medical-health industry, also called opinion leaders.

These expert people play a relevant role when it comes to both evaluating product information and arguing with rigorous statements about their advantages. Their role is such that they come to influence the ideas and opinions of professional staff in the sector.

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