Quality Assurance Outsourcing

MDI Advisers studies the needs of your company and puts at your service a department that will manage the quality assurance system of your company in Spain and Portugal.

For a medical, biocidal or cosmetic product to be marketed in Spain or Portugal, it is necessary to obtain a license that says you have an active and efficient quality management system.


Who are our services aimed at?

We provide value to manufacturers, distributors and importers with and without a warehouse that market or want to market finished products that have a license or that intend to obtain it.


What are your commitments?

Provide us with faithful and truthful information on the products you wish to market in Spain and Portugal, as well as the documentation of the quality assurance system that supports the facilities, processes and equipment necessary to guarantee the quality and safety of said products. In case you do not have this documentation, we help you to write it and implement it in your company.


What is MDI Advisers committed to?

We will work on the development, implementation and monitoring of the surveillance system.
We will carry out the internal audits that the system indicates and that of your supplier companies.
We will manage claims, withdrawals, corrections, etc.
We will prepare an annual plan of the training periods:

Initial training for company personnel involved in product quality processes, as well as training for new employees.
Continuous training for the personnel involved.