On May 25, 2021, Acobur and MDI Advisers carried out the signature of a collaboration agreement between both institutions, consolidating them as the ideal partners for the introduction, development and commercialization of new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and / or Medical Devices in Spain and Portugal.

Acobur and MDI Advisers have signed a collaboration agreement by virtue of which a joint action framework is defined, aimed at facilitating, promoting and developing the entry, both in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, of new Companies in the health field, through joint actions and projects that promote their introduction and implementation in these markets.

The agreement aims for Acobur and MDI Advisers to become the reference partner for all those Biosanitary Companies that want to distribute and commercialize products and / or services in our markets, accompanying them in all the necessary steps, which will benefit all actors involved since it is about making accessible to the population, the best treatments available, and so, the improvement of the quality of life of patients and their families.

About Acobur

Founded in 1998, Acobur is a professional consulting and advisory services firm in the matter of public tenders, specializing in the healthcare sector. Positioned as a reference consultancy for Spain and Portugal, Acobur can undertake all phases of a procedure, from publication to completion of the contract, including market studies and reports on any business area.

About MDI Advisers

MDI Advisers is a consultancy company specialized in regulatory affairs for companies and professionals, that provides technical advisory services on regulation and quality management for medical devices, IVDs, biocides and cosmetics in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

In order to market Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and/or Medical Devices in Spain and Portugal, it is necessary to know the market and the requirements that local health authorities demand. You will find the main business in both countries is based on the public health of these. To address this market, it’s essential to know the volume of business it generates.

That is why Acobur and MDI Advisers have designed a joint strategy to provide solutions to all phases of the project, offering a global service with guarantees for commercialization in Spain and Portugal.

Working areas:

Market research and business intelligence
Reports from business areas
Communication and management of tenders
Advice and consultancy on tenders
Training in public health contracting
Outsourcing of tender’s department


Application for product import licenses
Submission of application for manufacturing licenses
Study of technical and legal files of medical devices, IVD, biocides.
Outsourcing of the Regulatory Affairs departments.
Quality assurance management.
Audits and Training in GxP
Appointment of staff for regulatory affairs.

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